Staff is the sub-page in the settings category. Staff page includes information about the staff of your company. Here there are functions that can be performed like viewing, deleting and blocking and shift work of your staff. Also you can add new staff and select a role for each of them. In short you can manage your staff from this page.

step 1: On the staff page click on the Add Staff button. You will be redirected to a popup where you can add new staff by filling some fields.

step 2: After clicking on the Add Staff button, here you will find a popup where you have to fill some fields. After filling the fields, click Send Email button, which will send an invitation email to the new staff. In email new staff will find an Accept button on clicking which they will be automatically added as your new staff.

You can assign different roles to different staff from here. As shown in picture, clicking on the role button an dropdown menu from which you can select different roles to different staff. After assigning right role to your staff click OK

To view the staff user has been provided with Blue button as seen in picture. To delete the current staff user has been provided with Red button as seen in picture. To block the staff user has been provided with another Red button as seen in picture. To shift work press Orange button as seen last button in picture.

note: Blocked staff can only access Dashboard page.

If Super Owner wish to delegate authority of managing staff to some other person he can do this with use of access role on staff page. Turn on Staff Page and user will be able to view staff list page. You can further control what he can do on that page by turning ON/ OFF properties.

User will be able to use the above referred rights as follows -
- User will NOT be able to change properties of other staff if those staff member have ADVANCE rights on staff Page.
- User will not be able to change his properties if User himself have NO ADVANCE right.
- User will be able to change those properties of NON ADVANCE staff for which he has right. Further use will be able to change his OWN properties if he has ADVANCE right.

Yes you can bookmark staff and filter the staff only to show bookmarked staff. This functionality you can use to keep reference of staff you are currently working on.

It is per hour cost of employee. You can calculate it by dividing monthly salary with number of monthly service hours.

It is price charged to client on per hour basis.